Summer Championships Information

The summer championships will take place in Gander this year beginning Friday Aug 26, and concluding Sunday Aug 28.

Schedule of Events

1:00 – Warm-up (Lanes 1-3)
2:00 – Freestyle Preliminaries
Freestyle Finals

Saturday AM Session
9:10 – Warm-up (Lanes 1-3)
9:30 – Butterfly Preliminaries
Backstroke Preliminaries
Lunch to be Determined (90 minutes with officials meeting after 60 minutes)

Saturday PM Session
Butterfly Finals
Backstroke Finals
IM Preliminaries
Free Relays

Sunday AM Session
8:50 – Warm-up (Lane 1-3)
9:30 – IM Finals
Breaststroke Preliminaries
Lunch to be Determined (90 minutes with officials meeting after 60 minutes)

Sunday PM Session
Breaststroke Finals
Medley Relays

Link to view from YouTube:

Important Information

Just a couple important reminders for the duration of the weekend. 

  • The lobby and upstairs  will be inaccessible to parents/caregivers/viewers.  Upstairs will be where swimmers wait and are able to view and be marshalled for their events.  This is where they will hear events being called so it is advised that swimmers be in this area at all times.  If swimmers leave this area they should advise their coaches to ensure they don’t miss upcoming swims. 
  • Swimmers should only be at the pool if they are swimming that session.  In the event they are swimming the afternoon session  and not the morning session they are encouraged to still attend the warm up as there will be no afternoon warm up.  
  • There will be a short meeting with marshals prior to the start of the meet.  Time and location to be announced.  
  • Coaches scratch meeting will be at 12:00pm August 26th at the arts and culture centre.  
  • scheduled officials will meet in the arts and culture centre. Other interested officials are encouraged to attend in the event there are scheduled officials who can no longer make it.
  • The viewing area will be tightly marshalled.  Two heats of one parent per swimmer will be marshalled in through the clearly marked entrance prior to child’s swim,  watch swim and be immediately marshalled through the exit when swim is complete.  Viewer is responsible to closely pay attention to heats/events called and it will not be at the fault of the marshal if they miss their child’s swim.  This will be fast moving!  The meet manager has the authority to shut this area down as stated in the meet package if the area is not manageable and viewers don’t comply. 

Officials Clinics

There will be two official training courses offered during this weekend (maximum of 15 participants per session)

  • Friday Aug 26th @ 730pm – Stroke and Turn
  • Saturday August 27th @7:30pm – Finish Place Judge