Club Histroy

The summer swim club known as the Clarenville WaveRunners came into being in 2004 with 19 swimmers registered. The following year, 2005, an executive was established and with volunteer coaches, the swimmers increased in number to 27. By 2006 the swim club had grown to include approximately 58 swimmers and with help from government grants, was able to hire the first student coach. In 2018 the popularity of the club has increased and the membership of the club had grown to include approximately 115 swimmers. With so many swimmers in the pool, the coaching staff had increased to include 5 paid student coaches. Every year interest in the club continues to grow and we are now seeing more swimmers traveling to Clarenville each morning for training from areas outside of Clarenville. The summer of 2009 we had approximately 130 swimmers registered with the club with 6 paid student coaches.

We are very proud of our team’s accomplishments, as well as the individual accomplishments of our swimmers have been numerous. We have had swimmers represent Eastern Newfoundland in the Provincial Summer Games since 2004. Our swimmers have brought many gold, silver and bronze medals from the Provincial Championships including some swimmers who have broken provincial records. As well, we have had our swimmers honored as being the top achiever within their age/gender groups. When you realize that these championships are attended by approximately 9 clubs and can have upwards of 300 swimmers in attendance, these achievements are huge.

I don’t think any of what we have accomplished over the past few years would be possible if not for very supportive parents, a hard-working executive, and coaches, as well as support from the local businesses of the area.  We would be remiss not to mention that all our training takes place at The Wave Hotel.  The owner, Mr. Alex Balsom, has been more than helpful and has even allowed us to take some ownership of this facility by having our name and logo proudly displayed on the walls of the pool.