Intro to Swim Club

We are new to the WaveRunners what can I expect for my child?

The most important part of our swim club is the fun, family-supportive atmosphere.  Our coaches want our kids to enjoy practice and improve their skills, learn to be part of a team and support each other.  We promote good sportsmanship and FUN!

How can I best support my swimmer and the team?

  • Stay informed. Read team emails AND visit the team website regularly www.waverunners.com
  • Make sure your swimmers listen at practice. If you have questions/comments, email the executive at [email protected]  
  • Volunteer! It takes many people and many volunteer hours to make swim club and swim meets run smoothly and successfully. It is also a great way to meet other parents and be close to all the action. Check our “EVENTS” page for upcoming Officials Clinics.
  • Be your swimmer’s biggest fan. In other words, always encourage and be positive. Let the coaches tell your swimmer what they could have done better.

When are practices?

Practice schedules for each group can be found under the “GROUPS” link located under the “HOME ” tab on the team website.

Can my swimmer show up at any practice?

Your swimmer has been assigned to a specific practice group. Swimming during different a time slot is NOT  permitted. We do not have the resources to manage vast varieties of abilities during a practice.

I would like to speak to my child’s coach, can I come on deck during practice?

No, absolutely NOT. Our arrangement with The Wave Hotel does not permit anyone within the hotel, you should drop your child shortly before their practice time and be sure to be there to pick them up at the end of their practice. Violating this rule puts the entire club at risk of losing access to the pool in the future.

If you have concerns please forward inquiries to [email protected].

What type of gear do I need?

Choice of gear varies from swimmer to swimmer. We recommend an affordable yet high-quality gear which can be purchased either online or at a sports retailer store.

  • Swimsuit
    • For girls, this is a one piece that can range in price from $40 – $100
    • For boys, this is a pair of swim jammers in the price range of $25 – $60
  • Goggles
  • Swim Cap
    • Swimmers with long hair will be required to wear a swim hat whenever in the water, however, we do recommend swim caps for all swimmers during swim meets. WaveRunner swim caps are available through our online store https://www.waverunners.ca/online-store
  • Swimmers will need a towel and we also recommend that swimmers bring water to each practice.

Are we required to volunteer?

Well, not really, however, it takes a lot of volunteers to make a swim club and especially a swim meet happen. Without sufficient volunteers, we cannot run swim meets! So please become a volunteer, here are some opportunities:

  • lane timers* / head timer*
  • stroke and turn judges*
  • runners
  • door marshals
  • sell heat sheets or food

*officials – will need to attend a clinic

  • Volunteer to be part of the club executive. Each year at our AGM various positions are available and we welcome new members! Date and time of AGM will be communicated each spring via our email list, FaceBook page, and website.

Swim Meets

How do swimmers sign up for a swim meet?

Each swimmer needs to sign up for swim meets online through the WaveRunners website. Sign-ups will be posted several weeks prior to a meet. An email will also be sent informing everyone dates that meet registration is open. The deadline to sign-up can vary, please sign up on time, late sign-ups are rarely accepted since it is a significant amount of work for the host club to add additional swimmers after the meet package has been done.

Are swim meets mandatory?

No. However, we encourage swimmers to attend the meets, especially our own meet hosted in early August. For new swimmers, meets can be intimidating but rest assured they are a lot of fun and a very supportive environment.

The WaveRunners are welcome to attend any provincial summer club meets as listed on our website, however, there are a few meets that are most highly attended (listed in order of average attendance):

  • WaveRunners Swim Meet
  • Summer Championships
  • Marystown Swim Meet
  • Bay Roberts Swim Meet
  • Springdale Swim Meet

What should we bring to a swim meet?

  • Swim Gear: Swim Suit, Swim Cap (preferably a WaveRunners one), Goggles and Towels. Some swimmers like to bring two of each of these items just in case.
  • WaveRunners Swag: Team T-shirt/Hoodie
  • Healthy snacks
  • Cash for a Heat Sheet- $5-$10
  • Cash for food, some swim meets will sell food onsite, however, you will need cash to purchase
  • Highlighter (preferably Lime Green ?)
  • Chairs (not all facilities have bleachers or seating)
  • Warm clothes and umbrella, parents will spend quite a bit of time outside

Can I be with my swimmer on deck?

No, there is not sufficient space on pool decks for parents. Most swim meets have a marshaling system that will allow you to get on deck during your swimmer’s event. Once your swimmer’s event is over please promptly leave the deck to allow for others to see their swimmers. Please do not try to sneak on at any time during a meet.

How do I know what time my swimmer will be swimming?

Swim meet events do not typically run by the clock. Swim meets begin at a designated time, and proceed through the event list in consecutive order, regardless of how long it takes. It is up to you to know what events and heats your child is competing in, and to be aware of the pace in which the meet is running at. Confused? Ask another parent for help in understanding what heat it is.

What if a swimmer needs/wants to cancel an event?

Deciding not to swim an event is OK. Although we like to encourage our swimmers to push themselves and swim through their nerves, remind your swimmer that the number one reason we are here is FUN and there will be lots of people cheering them on no matter what!

Can swimmers change events?

Yes and No. Prior to the deadline you may change the events your child has selected, simply go back to the registration link for the event and re-enter register for the meet with all the events they would like to swim. We will use the last registration information submitted by you when we register the swimmer for the meet.

Once the deadline has passed we will post the list of registered swimmers and events, you will then have the option to make changes. Once the second deadline for this has passed, absolutely NO changes can be made.

My swimmer placed in an event, where do they pick up their medal/ribbon?

Most meets have a reward ceremony at the conclusion of the meet. We encourage you to stay at the meet until the end, and cheer for those who cheered you on earlier in the day!

How do I find out how my swimmer did in my event?

Shortly after each event ends, meet officials will print out an official document with all of the results. You can usually find these posted around the pool deck or in the viewing area about 5-10 minutes after each event ends.

What happens if a swimmer doesn’t show up to their heat?

It is very important that you are aware of the schedule and you are responsible to ensure your swimmer is on deck prior to their event. Swimmers who do not show up in time for their event will be a scratch and the heat will go on without them, and may not have the opportunity to swim that event. If you are part of a relay team, and you do not show up, your entire relay team will be disqualified.